External Infection Controller

Iodine: 20% W/V
(As Alkyl Phenoxy Complex)

Dosages: Shrimp & Prawn Ponds Add 2.5 Litres per hectare (1 meter Water depth)
Application Method: Dilute the above recommended dosage in water & then spray uniformly throughout the entire pond (or) as advised by an aqua consultant.

Usage: It is a proven new generation iodine available in a complex and buered from, it release iodine in controlled manner when it is diluted in water. It is non-toxic, Non-irritation, and non-staining to the shrimp prawn. It cures external infections & controls harmful pathogens like bacteria, protozoa & fungi. It ectively controls bacteria like pseidomonas spps. Vibrio spps. Aeromonas spps etc. Fungal pathogens like Fusarium Lagenedium, Pytjium etc & Protozoans like Zoothamnium, Vorticella etc,

Not for Human use For use in aqua ponds Only Keep in a cool, dry place.