Disease Preventor and Water Quality Improver


Bromin Solution: 5%w/v
Stabilisers: Q.S.

Dosages: In Pond Water
Regular use:
2 liter / one hectare of pond water / 2-3 weeks intervals.
Treatment Use:
During severity conditions: 4 liter / one hectare of pond water / 1-2 times in 4-5 days intervals.(or) as per advice of an aqua consultant.

Shake well before use.

Mix GSBRO with 20-30 lits. of pond water and broadcast all over the pond uniformly in evening period.

 Benefits :
1. Avoids the formation of fungus bed in the pond water and sludge in the bottom.
2. Very useful prevent all the infections of gills, appendages, antennae, tail etc.
3. Very safe, economical, less irritant and so does not cause stress to prawn.
4. Prevents and controls all diseases caused by pathogenic microorganisms.
5. Minimises microbial load in pond water.

Not for Human use For use in aqua ponds Only Keep in a cool, dry place.